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MiniChallenge Asia 赛车涂装

The MINI CHALLENGE is THE Championship for the new MINI in the UK since 2002 and has always enjoyed great grids, colourful cars and close racing. Over the years The MINI CHALLENGE has built a reputation for affordability, fairness and fun, building on the iconic MINI Brand.
MINI F56 JCW which is the race car of MINI CHALLENGE is the unified car in JCW class,with reliability,power and handling of real touring car.Drivers could race at low cost with highest horsepower in MINI race cars.
MINI CHALLENGE has over 6 series such as USA,Germany,Australia,Italy and Japan.Many drivers had been promoted to higer International touring car and GT races from these Series.
And now,MINI CHALLENGE Asia Series has officially launched in China ,being operated by Great Drive Group from 2018,MINI CHALLENGE Asia Series will hold 9 rounds of race.

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